The Ultimate Mortgage CRM Guide - What You Need To Know

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The Ultimate Mortgage CRM Guide

If you receive a few hundred calls a day in your mortgage office with only a spreadsheet keeping your business afloat, it’s high time you invested in a reliable Mortgage Planner CRM.


Not only will a mortgage broker CRM help you manage and track leads, but it is also the best way to market your business and foster existing relationships with clients. 


Understand your clients to improve customer experience, expedite team collaboration, and ultimately close more deals.

Global Demand For Customer Relationship Management (CRM)




After less than ten years, the demand for cloud-based CRM solutions has grown from 12% in 2008 to 87% in 2021.

The growing demand for CRM solutions is projected to reach well over $80 million by 2025. In fact, CRM is the fastest-growing software market today. Almost 50% of businesses are planning to allocate company IT budgets to adopt customer service technology.

Specifically, businesses are planning to improve customer relations to retain existing clients and develop digital self-service options.

Why go for CRM Software as Solution (SaaS)?

With CRM SaaS, businesses can get enhanced customer experience and automated engagement. Innovative digital solutions provide real-time computation and analysis of pertinent data in real-time. 

SaaS is a timely service, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic drives changes in work set-up and team collaboration. The best mortgage CRM software will allow team members to easily assign roles even in a remote set-up.

CRM For Mortgage Brokers

What is a Mortgage CRM?

If you work in the lending industry, you would know that the foundation for a successful career is a solid customer relationship.

For that, the perfect solution is CRM software or “Customer Relationship Management.”

Mortgage Broker CRM Software is specially designed for mortgage professionals to manage leads and client information efficiently.  Mortgage loan CRM should be able to manage, handle, and nurture relationships with potential and existing clients. 

However, the best mortgage CRM software goes beyond effective client management. The best CRM for mortgage professionals should be integrated with a powerful loan origination software (LOS) to effectively track the lead management pipeline.

This will help to maintain consistent client follow-up to find leads, turn them into prospects, and eventually close deals.

What Makes A Mortgage CRM Different From a General CRM?

General CRMs are essential tools for managing client information and strengthening customer relations. However, going for a general CRM as a mortgage professional will leave you at a disadvantage as it lacks certain features related to loaning and mortgage.


CRM software for mortgage brokers combines the powerful features of both CRM and LOS systems. These are meant to centralize and automate lead management for improved team collaboration, marketing, and customer service. 

Should I Use A General Purpose CRM or A Mortgage CRM?

Choosing a general-purpose CRM will not provide you with the necessary features to manage loan operations. Using LOS software over Mortgage CRM means letting go of personalized customer relationship management.

With a specialized CRM for mortgages, end-users can manage the mortgage pipeline, improve customer experience, and track and manage leads while reducing expenses and increasing the revenue potential.

How Important is a CRM Software for Mortgage Brokers?

The mortgage crisis in the early 2000s is still a vivid memory for mortgage professionals. Given the volatility of the mortgage industry, loan officers and brokers need every bit of assistance to avoid delinquency and foreclosure. With the vital role of managing customer lifecycle in the mortgage industry, CRM Mortgage is the perfect solution to recovery.

Year of The Customer

It was found that the majority of consumers do individual product research before interacting with a client. As 2021 is dubbed the year of the customer, businesses are regrouping to focus marketing strategies on collecting a comprehensive overview of client interests. This is to engage potential customers across different channels on multiple devices.

According to research conducted by SalesForce, more than 80% of customers value customer experience over the actual products available. This is the new trend – as buyer landscapes make digital resources easily accessible, consumers are opting to conduct their own research to provide immediate feedback to digital communities.

Here is what mortgage professionals need to understand: nurturing a great customer experience will breed brand loyalty. Now, mortgage professionals should ask themselves these two crucial questions: 

  • Do your clients like you?
  • Do your clients trust you? 

What Data Goes Into Your Mortgage CRM?

Customers are providing data continuously – with the right platform and systems in place, businesses can gather and use data effectively.

With the best mortgage loan officer CRM, mortgages can dig deeper into marketing strategies by segmenting data, defining parameters, and running advanced analytics to understand personalized customer data, including:


  • Customer behavior
  • Preferences
  • Individual life cycles

Benefits of a Mortgage CRM

Now that you know what type of information Mortgage CRMs collect, find out how these systems use advanced analytics to use data effectively.

Data Gathering and Management

The key to getting ahead in the mortgage industry is a data-driven approach. By developing unique and personalized experiences that customers will appreciate, businesses will start to see more effective results. In particular, a Mortgage CRM will help brokers and bankers efficiently manage client data to make data-driven decisions on improving customer experience.


Mortgages can use pre-loaded and customizable forms and form groups to capture meaningful client information and leads.


Advanced reporting and analytics features will find data on in-depth pipeline analytics, top lead referrals, lead conversion results, and mortgage apps.

Centralizing Tracking

With a Mortgage CRM, loan officers will be able to track client needs and offer them specific services through insightful communication. 


Centralized tracking of client preferences will allow all stakeholders to keep the mortgage pipeline afloat. In particular, Mortgage CRM will track these data in real-time: contact details, client shopping habits, income, interaction history, and preferred method of communication.


By sending personalized and data-driven content and promotion, your message will ultimately resonate with clients – setting you apart from your competitors and stay ahead in the industry.

Mortgage CRM Drip Marketing Success

Drip marketing for loan officers is a dynamic way to help you connect with and keep in touch with leads and prospects. 


Drip campaigns in mortgage CRMs will allow lenders to automate and personalize consistent marketing content that will drive new business and retain customers through solid brand loyalty, credibility, and trust.

Improved Productivity And Accuracy

According to IRPAAI, humans are more likely to commit ten errors for every 100 steps compared to sophisticated software. With complicated and redundant work such as mortgage processing, loan officers can use Mortgage CRMs to manage client data and applications without additional cross-verification automatically.


Mortgages require multiple interactions with clients, including negotiating terms, clarifying terms, and revision of paperwork. A mortgage CRM with powerful LOS can simplify the process from finding leads to application to closing deals. 


Lenders will be able to see a complete account of business activities, strategies, and processes. 


Mortgage CRM systems can also improve internal communication, a vital element in customer-facing businesses. Through internal text and email communication, team members can easily assign roles and collaborate even in a remote setup.

Automated and Personalized Customer Interaction

In research by SuperOffice, it is more likely to sell to existing clients rather than make a successful sale with new clients. 


To address this issue, Mortgage CRM has the power to provide instantaneous customer communication for improved customer experience. This is a direct result of accessible corporate-approved and personalized templates, reporting centers, and a centralized contact database.


The most effective automated features include email marketing, direct texting, and call prompts. 

Teams can also get centralized access to a real-time overview of milestones, referral sources, and daily tasks on an automated dashboard.

Improved Workflow and Process Improvement

With mortgage CRM, lenders can easily streamline several workflows at once to standardize the entire workflow. A digital workflow will not only improve efficiency but will also gather more data analytics to improve customer service and the lending process as a whole.


This will ultimately help you accept more applications by identifying time-consuming bottle-neck and manual steps. Improving the lending process is essential to remain profitable and competitive in the volatile mortgage market.

Closing Deals

In short, Mortgage CRMs can generate higher revenues with better data management, customer lifecycle engagement, customer service, and enhanced team productivity and accuracy. 

Features To Look For In A CRM For Mortgage Loan Officers

Now that you know that the Mortgage CRM is essential to an outstanding business, it would be best to start looking for the best solution for you and your clients.

Whether you work in a team of mortgage professionals or are a lone loan officer, it is vital to look for CRM that offers mortgage-specific solutions, including lead management, sales reporting, and automated and customizable marketing options.

Here are the features you need to look for in the best Loan Officer CRM:

Lead Task Management

Mortgage CRM systems provide a workflow solution that is efficient and user-friendly at the same time. Mortgage professionals should have access to high-impact tasks, lifecycle milestones, and reminders, as well as referral sources.

Mortgage professionals have many CRM options that offer customizable workflows and calendars to ensure improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. 

Loan Pipeline Management

The best CRM for Mortgage Loan officers can is integrated with powerful loan-originating software for improved loan pipeline management for lenders and clients.

Mortgage CRM provides a bridge between the LOS and customer, improving the application process by providing ways to sign paperwork, upload documents, and view loan reports remotely and in real-time.

Loan officers can also improve the application evaluation process through automated features, on-demand reports, and management of loan data and tracking.

Automated Email Marketing, Texting, and Call Prompts

With the help of CRM software, mortgage officers can easily reach out and engage with clients through automated and customizable features.

Proactive call prompts are easier and more efficient because support teams are provided a fail-proof script backed with pertinent client information that can make the experience more personalized and meaningful.

With SMS text messaging, loan officers can maximize client communication by keeping them informed even while on the go. Text messaging is one of the most effective marketing tools – with a 90 second response time and 98% open rate.

Some of the more innovative features of SMS text messaging include the ability to add multiple team members, SMS integration with other apps, and advanced SMS inbox management.

All conversations are accessible in centralized threads, and businesses can easily send out individual or bulk messages on a schedule. A good mortgage CRM will also allow you to personalize messages and track their performance and reception with clients.

Automated email marketing is considered to be the top marketing strategy in 2021. Digital marketers are expected to allocate the largest share to this strategy in 2021, amounting to  $350 million

Effective email advertising can increase revenue by $50 per $1 spent. This is a direct result of delivering timely automated and personalized messages to build a brand clients can recall and trust through loyalty initiatives, consistent updates on market value, improved social reach, and announcement of new products and services based on customer preference.

Mortgage CRM allows automated delivery of corporate-approved emails with the help of corporate-approved ready-made templates. It is best to go for a CRM that offers segmented features to deliver more personalized emails.

We found SalesPype to be the most comprehensive in offering automated features. Their marketing strategies include:

  • Video Email
  • Call Bridge
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Email Marketing
  • Geographic Farming

Team Collaboration Features

Not only can mortgage CRM streamline workflow management, but it can also be the ultimate solution for a remote work setup. According to a report by Buffer, the two biggest concerns of employees working remotely are collaboration/communication, alongside loneliness.

A single team of mortgage professionals works closely with borrowers, referral sources, real estate agents, and stakeholders. In order to maximize team collaboration, a mortgage CRM can curb these remote work struggles by providing an efficient platform to accommodate real-time conversations and role assignments. 

Go for Mortgage CRM that provides management of team relationships and deliverables through a user-friendly platform. 

What is The Best CRM Software For Mortgage Brokers?

To help you find the best CRM for mortgage brokers, we have done a thorough research of mortgage CRM reviews

SalesPype comes at the top in terms of innovative features, sales and marketing strategies, and lead management systems.

To get an idea of what we’re talking about, check out their FREE demo:

They also have a FREE 14-day Trial.

SalesPype does everything your basic Mortgage CRM should do and more. Rely on SalesPype to efficiently manage your contacts, analytics, and workflow. But we’re not here to talk about the basics. Let’s move on to discuss the innovative digital solutions that SalesPype has to offer.

Customizable Sales Stages 

SalesPype rises above the competition because of its user-friendly dashboard – the “Click & Drag Sales Pipeline,” where end-users can organize all sales deals in one spot. Each client can customize engagement for old leads, old contacts, businesses, and new leads.

Easily organize client information according to their sales stages, from when you open a deal up until you win or close a deal. The system also 100% customizable sales cycle. It also automatically updates sales information in real-time.

Call Bridge

With the customizable call bridge feature, you will never lose an opportunity with a new lead. Time is of the essence in the mortgage industry, and the call bridge function can automatically update you via call when SalesPype catches a new lead.

Direct Mail 

Look for new ways to personalize your approach to customer incentives with the SalesPype direct mail service. Easily send a customized or ready-made postcard, letter, greeting card, or any type of gift straight from the SalesPype headquarters.

Take template customization a bit further with the FREE Canva integration.

Geo Farming

The latest innovation of SalesPype is Geo Farming, a tool that will help businesses o dominate the local market. It will allow mortgage professionals to pinpoint ideal clients in a neighborhood while collecting important data that will aid in your drip marketing campaign. 

These should help you become the go-to mortgage professional in your chosen neighborhood or area.


With the help of automated features, Mortgage CRM is the best solution to managing leads, nurturing client relationships, and maximizing team collaboration even in a remote work setup. 

Through extensive testing and research, we found that SalesPype offers the most client-centered and innovative features for marketing, lead management, and critical task management. It is also one of the lowest price mortgage CRM with drip campaign.

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