Best CRM For Real Estate Investors

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Best CRM For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate CRM is a vital tool real estate investors use to convert leads into sales while streamlining business processes. It is no wonder why 95% of top-performing real estate agents use real estate CRM.

With more specialized real estate investor CRMs on the market, we prepared a guide to help real estate agents understand the features to look for in the best real estate investor CRM.

Trends in Real Estate Investor CRM

CRM is the fastest-growing software market to date – it is projected to reach $80 million by 2025. About 70% of real estate agents and brokerages have a CRM system in place. This is indeed the trend as about 90% of industries are shifting to cloud-based CRM solutions by 2021.

According to a survey by Realtrends, the top reason why real estate agents do not use CRM software is that they are unsure which CRM is right for them. This is a missed opportunity for many real estate professionals as more than 95% of real estate professionals indicated that real estate CRM had a positive impact on workplace productivity.

Image source: Realtrends

In fact, real estate professionals believed that CRM systems could increase productivity by at least 50%.

What to Expect from Real Estate CRM

What is CRM in Real Estate?

Real Estate CRM is a digital solution that helps with managerial tasks like organizing real estate sales channels and client interactions on a single platform.

With Real Estate CRM software, real estate professionals can automate features that are redundant and time-consuming, like the collection and management of client data, follow-ups, document generation, and scheduling appointments.

With a worthwhile real estate investors CRM in place, it will be easy to maximize lead opportunities and productivity through data visualization tools.

What are the Basic Functions of Real Estate Agent CRM?

CRM in real estate should help real estate investors with lead management, track lead generation, and drip campaigns, generate and upload documents, manage reminders and calendars, and streamline business processes.

Real estate investor CRM should improve productivity and efficiency of transactions by allowing both automated and personalized solutions to managerial and communication tasks.

How can Investors Benefit from Real Estate CRM?

CRM for real estate investors can empower team members to have improved workflows, communication, and meaningful customer handling.

Improved Team Collaboration

With the global shift to remote work, the biggest struggle among employees is collaboration and communication among team members. Real estate CRM provides features that allow easy role assignment and team updates through a centralized communication platform.

Image source: Buffer

Data-driven Lead Generation

Now more than ever, buyers are making the most out of their technical literacy for enhanced product research. Investors can use real estate CRM to their advantage by implementing meaningful and data-driven marketing strategies.

According to research, businesses are more likely to close deals when they are made through a referral. In that case, real investors should find a real estate CRM that can help build long-term relationships with clients.

How to Get Referrals in Real Estate (10+ Killer Tips) - Floor Plan for Real Estate FPRE | Real Estate Floor Plans

Image source: FloorPlanRealEstate

Real estate CRM can help investors nurture prospects by building individual rapport and trust from key information from reporting and analytics.
Automated Managerial Tasks

Through automated features, real estate CRM can eliminate redundant and manual tasks to help with productivity and accuracy.

Investors can concentrate on finding new leads and closing deals rather than managerial tasks such as document generation, data entry, marketing campaigns, communication, and database updates.

CRM in real estate can also help streamline and track administrative workflows while automating tasks or reminders for specific stages.

Enhanced Client Profiling

CRM software for real estate can help investors make proactive follow-ups through comprehensive client profiling. With centralized tracking, investors and all team members can find updated client data, including purchase history, lead progress, demographics, medical record, and preferences.

To ensure more successful deals, team members can also share tried-and-tested follow-up strategies for similar client profiles.

Key Features of Real Estate CRM for Investors

Image source: Realtrends

Follow up or Relationship Marketing

Real Estate Investor CRM software help investors nurture relationships through automated and customizable follow-up or relationship marketing features. Only 2% of sales occur on the first meeting, while the other 98% will make a purchase once trust has been established.

The most profitable digital marketing campaign strategy for 2021 is Drip marketing or Email marketing. Businesses can easily gain 50 times more revenue with every dollar spent. It is also easy to automate and personalize messages while enhancing brand trust through loyalty incentives, consistent updates, and announcements of new services and promotions.

41% of real estate agents say that phone call is the most effective sales tool. Real estate CRM can help investors make proactive calls with the help of tried-and-tested scripts, automated call features, and an easy-to-understand overview of client profiling that will help make calls more personalized.

One of the most effective follow-up methods in real estate is bulk text marketing with a 90 second response time and 98% open rate. Text messaging allows investors to communicate and promote new products while on the go.

Another helpful feature that can track leads through pre-made forms is integrated live chat. This feature on websites can also address customer concerns while human resources are unavailable.

Lead Segmentation can make tracking of leads easier with tags and trigger tags. Trigger tags can initiate specific functions based on the pipeline for easier tracking and assignment of roles.

Lead Pipeline Management

Real Estate Investor CRM helps investors stay on top of multiple deals at once without any difficulty. With the help of a centralized database, it is easy to visualize lead progress and plan the responsibilities that need to be accomplished.

What is sales pipeline? | How to build sales pipeline? | Freshworks CRMImage source: Freshworks

Team Functionality

Go for a real estate CRM that team collaboration and communication. A centralized platform or team inbox can help team members to exchange information and insights, provide input, and increase opportunities for collaboration. Role assignment is also made easier with category functions, tags, and push notifications.

Another essential feature of real estate CRM is the capacity for integrations. Integration with social media and other automated tools allows for seamless exchange and collection of data.

Some practical applications include: analytics and reporting, forecast, import and export of contact details into your database, and marketing automation tools for email, text, and social media campaigns.

Top 2 CRM Softwares for Real Estate Investors

To help you find the best CRM for real estate investors, we have researched the best CRM for real estate investors. Find out what our top 2 picks have to offer:

Top pick: SalesPype
Runner-up: TopProducer

What is the Best CRM for Real Estate?

Best Sales CRM - Text, Email, Ringless Vmail, Direct Mail


Image Source: SalesPype

After some serious testing and research, we ultimately landed on SalesPype as the leading CRM for real estate. SalesPype offers the most innovative sales and marketing strategies, automated features, and lead pipeline management we have seen on the market.

SalesPype is a complete marketing solution for real estate investors. You don’t only get comprehensive CRM software, but you will also be equipped with drip marketing automation, click-and-drag sales pipeline, project management, calendar tools, email marketing, form builder, and many more automated tools.

Salespype helps real estate investors nurture client relationships with email marketing, ringless voicemail, call bridge, SMS/MMS, video, email, and geo farming, all in one centralized Inbox. New users can take advantage of the ready-made templates, but investors looking for a more personalized approach can also integrate Salespype with Canva and Zapier.

Features are also conveniently available on Apple, Android, and desktop platforms.

Our Favorite SalesPype Features:

Click & Drag Sales Pipeline

[VIDEO: Click and drag sales pipeline:]

SalesPype makes management of multiple buy and sell pipelines at once with the user-friendly “Click & Drag Sales Pipeline”. It’s easy to get a complete overview of sales and client information on this database. The centralized sales pipeline is also 100% customizable to suit your business processes and organization.

Inbox feature


The centralized inbox feature of SalesPype helps investors to keep track of all sales and marketing transactions.

Investors can also stay on top of overwhelming client data with an easy-to-understand overview of all contact details and deal information. Investors can also use the inbox feature to add notes and tags and schedule reminders and activities

Comprehensive Real Estate Drip Campaign


SalesPype makes it simple to reach out to new leads and existing clients with a wode selection of automated multi-step marketing options, including:

  • Email Marketing
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Video Email
  • Call Bridge
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Geographic Farming

Geo Farming


SalesPype’s most innovative feature by far is the Geo Farming feature. Salespype is the first, if not the only CRM, that offers this unique feature.

This tool will help real estate investors dominate any local market they set their eyes on. Geo Farming will help you collect essential data on homeowners in a given area to help with your drip campaign. Geo farming will provide you with comprehensive customer profiling, including a complete account of demographics, shopping habits, and preferences to help you find ideal clients that are most likely to close a deal with you.

How does SalesPype fall short?

SalesPype is a relatively new real estate CRM, so some investors might be a little hesitant to try their software. To get an idea of what we’re talking about without the risk, you can check out their FREE demo, and they also offer a FREE 14-day Trial.

Top Producer

Top Producer

Image Source: TopProducer

TopProducer has been around for quite some time. They’re one of the only original real estate CRMs that has stood the test of time by the constant development of their features.

TopProducer is well-known for their simplified follow-up tools with easy integration with apps, such as email marketing and calendars. Users also rely on TopProducer to help with team productivity thanks to unlimited email and text.


Our Favorite Top Producer Features:
Integration Features


One of the most notable features of TopProducer is its MLS integration that can pull 300 data points for every sold property and listing, compared to most IDX feeds that only get about 20 points per property listing.

Having a lot of integration options, including Zillow, Mojo Dialer, and other third-party lead sources, allow clients to have a 360° degree view of client interests, properties, social media updates, properties, and past client interactions.

Advanced Drip Campaign

TopProducer can engage prospects with their email and calendar integration features. Investors can also track client opens and views. With their email automation feature, it’s easy to include data from MLS feeds.

FiveStreet Lead Management

This tool is limited only to subscribers of the advanced plan, but we found it to be a handy tool. The FiveStreet Lead Management tool can help agents track lead sources, assign custom paths to the right team member, and measure/improve lead progress.

How does TopProducer fall short?

Being one of the pioneers of real estate CRMs can have its disadvantages. TopProducer may not be your most innovative approach to digital solutions. Some features might seem too outdated for the future of marketing.

Some features are also locked with more advanced plans, so TopProducer isn’t precisely the most affordable option. They also don’t offer a monthly plan – you will have to stick to an annual plan. However, you can still request a demo before making your final decision.



Real Estate CRM can assist real estate investors by improving team productivity and client relationships and experiences with the help of automated and personalized sales, marketing, and communication features.

Real Estate Investor CRM will not only help professionals accomplish daily goals but their ultimate real estate career goals as well.

What is the best Real Estate Investor CRM?

SalesPype is our top choice for real estate investor CRM.

We found that they offer some of the most innovative automated and personalized features for lead generation, sales pipeline, marketing, integration, reporting and analytics, and campaign tracking.


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