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The All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform designed for marketing agencies. Our system will help you retain clients while adding a new revenue stream to your agency.

one platform

SalesPype combines your favorite marketing tools inside one easy to use platform! White label our platform and sell it as your own.

Lead Management System

Connect Your Lead Sources

In order for a business to be successful you need leads AND a system to convert those into clients.

Due to our open API and direct integrations with Facebook & Zapier it’s easy to connect your lead sources directly to our platform. You can also upload a list directly to our platform.

Lead Distribution

Once the leads hit our platform you can automatically assign them to the correct person in your organization.

facebook zapier salespype integration

automated follow up

1/2 of all sales people stop following up after the 1st attempt.
We solve this problem!

Lead Nurturing & Automation

In order to maximize sales conversions you need to have multiple “touch points” or contacts throughout the sales cycle. Our drip campaigns automate this process and make followup a breeze!

Fully Automated Outreach

SalesPype allows you to connect with your leads using a variety of communication channels.

Pre-Built, Customizable Campaigns

We have pre-built campaigns that you can start using day 1 to engage with your prospects. Don’t waste time honing your copywriting skills…we’ve got you covered!

one simple inbox

Managing email, text, and chat conversations can be overwhelming.
We solve this problem!

Manage Conversations

Stay Organized

SalesPype makes it easy to communicate back and forth with your clients using email, text messaging, video email, and ringless voicemail. 

All Your Conversations in One Place

We’ll keep all your conversations organized in one central inbox.

sales dashboard

Keeping track of all your open deals is confusing.
We solve this problem!

Close More Deals

Our deals and workflow management tools will keep you organized and efficient. 

Click & Drag Sales Pipeline

Organize your entire sales pipeline using our click and drag sales pipeline. At a glance you’ll be able to see what stage of your funnel each prospect is in.

All The Tools You Need

SalesPype can easily replace several other tools you already use and pay for in your office. Our 1 system does it all.

popular features

Sales Pipeline

Marketing Automation



Text Messaging

Email Marketing

Video Email

Call Bridge


Facebook Integration

Zapier Integration



Fully Loaded

Individuals & Teams
$ 79
  • $25/mo for additional users
  • Text Messaging
  • Ringless Vmail
  • Video Email
  • Call Bridge
  • Inbound/Outbound Calling
  • Marketing Automation
  • Direct Mail
  • Lead Finder

* This plan provides a $5 credit each month that can be used for sending texts, ringless voicemails, and direct mail. You can purchase additional credits as you need them. Credits rollover from month to month.

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