November 4 Updates - SalesPype

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November 4 Updates

1 Contact - 1 Number - Multiple Campaigns

Today we rolled an update to our campaign structure. In the past if you wanted to add the same contact to multiple marketing campaigns, each campaign needed to have a unique virtual number. This setup was done to make it easy for us to track the specific campaign that a contact was responding to. The downside to this approach is that it led to users needing to purchase multiple phone numbers. This has caused a lot of frustration over the years as well as some unnecessary costs.

As of today, our campaign logic has changed. You can now add the same contact to multiple campaigns at the same time using the same number.

***Keep in mind you can continue using unique numbers for each campaign if you wish


How does this affect reporting?

When you have a unique number for each campaign it is easy to track what number a contact is responding to. With 1 number for multiple campaigns we essentially have to guess which campaign they are responding to. 

Here is the logic we used…

For reporting purposes and opt-out situations our default setting will be to look at the most recent message sent out before a reply was received. 


Let’s say you put John Doe on 2 different campaigns using the same number…

Campaign #1 sends a text message to John at 1pm

Campaign #2 sends a text message to John at 2pm

At 3pm John Doe finally responds to your message. In this example the most recent message was from Campaign #2. Based on this we will apply the response rate to Campaign #2.


How does this affect opt-outs/stopping campaigns?


We will apply the same logic as above. If John Doe were to respond back with STOP, we will unsubscribe him from Campaign #2.

The same logic will also apply if you have your campaigns set up to stop upon receiving a reply. In this example we would stop Campaign #2 for the client and Campaign #1 would keep running.


We will always look to see what campaign sent the last message before receiving a reply.

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