The 10 Best White Label CRM Software Solutions

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The 10 Best White Label CRM Software Solutions

White Label CRM Software
What is white label CRM software?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. When people talk about CRM, they’re usually referring to a software tool that helps businesses monitor and manage their leads, contacts, and customers. The goal of CRM software is to help you close more deals in less time.

CRM software doesn’t only help you manage your customers, but you can also use it to manage vendor relationships, internal sales activities, and marketing teams. Although CRMs were originally designed as a sales and marketing tool, customer service teams have also started using them to more effectively keep track of customer inquiries across different communication channels.

Most of the time, CRM software is offered as a cloud-based solution or SaaS (Software as a Solution). This allows teams to access the same customer data and see any changes in real-time. Team members will get to easily swap roles, work remotely, and collaborate across timezones.

The demand for CRM software is rapidly rising, making it today’s fastest-growing software market. According to statistics from, revenues from CRM software are expected to hit $80 billion by 2025.

SOURCE: SuperOffice.comCRM Software Revenue Forecast (millions of U.S. dollars)

Because of the high demand for CRM software, a large number of white label agencies are now selling white label CRM software. When CRM software is white labeled, a developer or vendor sells it to an agency unbranded. The agency can then brand it as its own, add a markup, and resell it to its clients to make a profit.

White label software is either purchased in full or leased through a subscription plan depending on the agreement between vendor and reseller.

CRM Software Benefits
What are the benefits of CRM software?
It isn’t by chance that CRM software is currently the fastest growing software market. There are quite a number of reasons businesses are scrambling to get their hands on CRM software. Here are a few of those:

Better Data Organization
One of the biggest advantages of using CRM software is that contact data is well organized. Everything you need to know about a customer is available on one platform. You can easily create different contact categories and criteria which allows you to build focus lists and target campaigns at the right contacts.

Improve Customer Experience
CRM will give you a better understanding of your customers. You will be able to track their buying habits and interaction history. This allows you to deliver personalized customer experiences so they feel more valued.

Increase Customer Retention
CRM doesn’t only help you improve your interactions with new customers and close deals, but it also helps you keep your existing customers. A good CRM software can prompt you to reach out to those who have not been contacted for some time. This ensures that none of your customers will feel neglected.

Keeping existing customers also allows for repeat purchases. And according to the book Marketing Metrics, the chances of selling to repeat customers is 60 to 70%, whereas selling to new customers is only 5 to 20%. This isn’t something your business shouldn’t ignore.


Smarter Teamwork
A CRM software can connect sales, marketing, service, and e-commerce teams. Like we mentioned earlier, this allows team members to easily swap roles and collaborate remotely because customer profiles are always updated and everyone has access to the same customer data.

Higher Sales Revenue
Ultimately, with better data organization, improved customer experience and retention, and smarter teamwork, your business will be able to close more deals in less time. This results in higher sales revenue.

White Label CRM Software Benefits

What are the benefits of white label CRM software?
If you’re already convinced that CRM software is the way to go, you may have another question in mind: “Why should I white label CRM software instead of internally developing it?”. Here, we’ll go over some reasons why your business or agency should white label CRM software.

Reduce Cost
Software development is no cakewalk And it is definitely not cheap. Hiring a software development team to analyze, design, develop, test, implement, and maintain your CRM software could potentially hurt your business financially. And there is no guarantee that you will hit positive ROI for your newly developed software.

When businesses opt to white label CRM solutions instead, they eliminate the cost of development and reduce their overhead.

Faster Launch
From inception to release, software development can take anywhere from four months to a year. With white label CRM software, everything is already in place and you will be able to launch your new product almost immediately. White label agencies aim to make implementation and rebranding quick and easy for their clients.

Tried-and-Tested Products
Before a white label agency can put their CRM software on the market, it will have to first go through the entire development process. This includes thoroughly testing the software, gathering feedback, and making improvements where they are needed. A white label agency will not risk releasing poorly developed software that will damage its reputation.

Low Risk
With white label CRM software, you won’t run the risk of being stuck with bad software. Before partnering with a white label agency, you can do a background check on the agency and see how satisfied their partners are with their software and service. By white labeling software, you also have the luxury of choice. You can choose a white-label agency or software that has the best credentials and most positive reviews. You even have the luxury to switch to a different partner if yours fails to deliver.

White Label CRM Must-Haves

What Should You Look For in White Label CRM?
Not all white label CRMs are created equal. There are dozens of offers with different features, sold at different price points. It may take a while to filter through the many options available before you find one that best suits your business. Here, we will go over a few must-haves of white label CRM that should be considered regardless of the type of business you run or its size.

Complete Solution
Your customers will be looking for a solution, not just a product. This is why it’s important to get your CRM software from a white label agency that can sell you a complete solution. This may include drip marketing automation, sales reporting, email marketing tools, and more aside from CRM software.

SalesPype is an example of a white label solution that offers CRM and everything just mentioned above. Plus project management, calendar tools, a form builder, and more. With SalesPype, you can reduce cost by purchasing an all-in-one solution versus making several purchases for different features. You will also be offering your customers the complete solution they need.

Quality Price Ratio
When you’re looking for white label CRM solutions, don’t go with the cheapest one you can find. Chances are you’ll be getting one with poor quality. You don’t just want to jump to the most expensive one either. You might be paying for more than you and your customers actually need. White label CRM software should have a good quality to price ratio.

The whole point of a white label CRM system is to make things easier for your customers. This is why a user-friendly interface and system is a must-have. A good CRM software will boost productivity and lower the chances of manual errors.

Seamless Integration
It is also important that your CRM software can seamlessly be integrated with other tools you might offer. Adding different tools that do not work with each other can cause bigger problems, defeating their purpose to help solve problems.

Good white label CRM software is customizable. Not only should white label CRM software allow for easy rebranding, but it should also offer additional customizations to adapt to customer needs.

Top 10 White Label CRM Software Solutions


SalesPype is an all-in-one marketing platform. With a single subscription plan, you don’t only get CRM software, you also get a click-and-drag sales pipeline, drip marketing automation, sales reporting, project management, email marketing tools, calendar tools, form builder, and many more.

To better connect with your customers, SalesPype incorporates email, video email, SMS/MMS, ringless voicemail, and call bridge in one centralized inbox.

For those just getting started, SalesPype even comes with ready-to-use campaign templates. You can set up a fully automated campaign with just a few clicks.

To know more about SalesPype and to learn how to become a white label partner, you can visit or call (800) 571-7393 to schedule a demo.


When you’re searching for the best CRM companies offering white label, JetPack will more than likely come up as one of the top results. JetPack is well-known for its WordPress security and backup plugin, but it also offers white label CRM.

Their CRM comes as a WordPress plugin, just like their popular security and backup plugins. This makes it quick and easy for WordPress users to set up and use the system. JetPack CRM is one of the best white label CRM software for WordPress-based businesses.

JetPack also offers a bunch of different extensions that you can purchase to improve your CRM. These include Automations, JetPack Funnels, Client Password Manager, Stripe connector, PayPal connector, MailChimp connector, and many more. Their extensions range from $29 to $129.


CentrixOne is a white label CRM software that is specifically designed for small-and-medium-sized business users. One of its strong points is that it gives you the flexibility to personalize the CRM to suit your unique clientele.

CentrixOne is set up in 3 easy steps. You first send over your branding elements, including your logo and fonts. CentrixOne will then analyze everything and recommend an optimized design. Once approved, CentrixOne will proceed with implementation which only takes about a week.


If you’re looking for a white label open-source sales CRM, OroCRM is one to consider. OroCRM is designed for single or multi-channel businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re focused on B2B, B2C, or both, OroCRM will be a suitable solution because of its flexibility.

Since OroCRM is a white label open-source sales CRM, businesses will be able to fully customize the software to make it their own. OroCRM understands that no two businesses are alike, so each one deserves its own unique CRM system.


AllClients offers an all-in-one CRM that carries your branding and content. AllClients has a fully built-out API which means you can easily integrate AllClients CRM with your existing tools. You can build single sign-on integrations and combine them with other tools and systems. AllClients will allow you to offer your clients a one-stop experience.


Another agency that stands out among the plethora of white label CRM providers is GreenRope. GreenRope offers custom CRM solutions for consultants, nonprofits, government offices, financial services, agencies, manufacturing, and education. With the help of GreenRope CRM, your business will experience better business management, advanced time management, streamlined client sales and engagement, and improved communication.

GreenRope not only offers CRM but also sales pipelines, customer service, and more. It provides everything a business needs for maximum growth and efficiency.


Bitrix24 is one of the most decorated white label marketing CRMs. It is used by over 6 million companies around the world. It was listed as one of the top 10 free lead management CRMs of 2019 by PCMag, named the best CRM software of 2019 by TechRadar, ranked the world’s #2 mobile CRM for Android by the number of users on Google Play, and included as one of the top 7 web productivity tools on Forbes.

With Bitrix24, one thing that stands out is its low-cost plans. Bitrix allows businesses to use the CRM software free of charge. Businesses only pay a small fee when they want to white label the software.


Among other business solutions, Vendasta offers white label CRM systems. With Vendasta CRM, you will be able to sell smarter using AI, which continuously analyzes data and extracts insights so you’ll know what customers need before they do. It also allows you to grow your business efficiently by including everything a sales team requires in one platform, skipping the need for complicated integrations.

Vendasta also offers white label CRM resellers customized solutions. So each reseller can deliver tailored solutions to their clients.


Soffront offers complete solutions to CRM white label resellers. Soffront helps businesses build a web presence, generate more leads, nurture leads with email marketing, convert customers into brand advocates, and close more sales with CRM.

Their white-label cloud CRM software starts at only $15 per month going up to $700 per month for the Enterprise option. Soffront also offers quite a few add-ons including additional contacts, additional emails, phone calls, SMS, and more for a small fee.

Soffront even offers 1-on-1 training and onboarding plans so you can start the right way with goal-based training and setup. Their training and onboarding plans start at $400 and go up to $900.


LeadMaster offers powerful CRM features, scalability, and a very short learning curve. This results in CRM success. Aside from CRM, LeadMaster also offers its clients lead management, pipeline management, help desk management, inside sales management, marketing automation, landing pages, and more.

They even offer free trial white label CRM email marketing and other features that you can start using right away. As for paid plans, LeadMaster ensures no annual contracts, no hidden fees, no hassle, but just CRM and good advice.

Final Word
CRM is one of the most sought-after software that can drastically improve a business’s performance, regardless of business size. With CRM software, businesses can better organize and manage customer data and improve customer experiences. Resulting in faster deal closings, increased customer retention, and ultimately higher sales revenue.

Businesses and agencies that want to offer their clients tried-and-tested CRM software at a lower cost should opt for white label CRM software. White labeling CRM software allows businesses to dodge a huge investment in software development and maintain a low overhead. Businesses and agencies are also able to launch quickly and have some peace of mind with low-risk white label agreements.

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