Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

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Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

Text Message Marketing for Real Estate

Text Message Marketing has become a popular choice of tool for many companies primarily those who have retail outlets either online or on ground. Lately, other industries have been waking up to the many benefits that SMS marketing has to offer and adding it to their promotional plan. One of these industries is that of Real Estate.

Realtors have been late to catch up on a lot of marketing avenues. Mainly, because the customer service is more personal and conventional marketing methods don’t apply.

However, it is important to note that a real estate agent is more than just a property seller. The relationship between the seller and the buyer is critical if you want to thrive in this business. What’s more; the relator also serves the function of a negotiator at times in order to cater to finicky clients and walk them through the process. Customer Service is paramount and in order to make the cut, real estate people need to be excellent marketers.

Sales cannot happen without putting in the effort. While there is a lot of investment in terms of time and effort required in this industry, the returns are just as high. In a world that is fast-paced and constantly evolving, realtors need to explore every single marketing channel available to them and assess how they can take advantage of it. Among such channels, text message marketing is one of the most lucrative ones.

Text messages employ technology and the best thing about digital marketing methods is that you can specify your target market and reach them at a specific time. In the era of the internet, emails, and other advertising tools such as online text messages, targeting has truly helped marketers to finetune their ads.

Text message marketing vs. email marketing

The advantages of text message marketing are plenty. Everyone who owns a phone can be reached with an SMS. The phones don’t even have to be smartphones and information can be sent instantaneously.

Did you know that 82% of the people who receive text messages read it within 5 minutes of receiving it? This is phenomenal. Let’s compare this to emails that are opened by 1 in 4 people. Also, 95% of the people who receive marketing emails consider them to be irrelevant. This probably explains why newsletter emails are opened less and are considered less credible than an SMS.

When SMS marketing first took off, the copy had to be crafted manually to be sent to clients. SMS broadcast came in later and each SMS would be sent individually. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Things have progressed to a huge extent now and scheduling automated multiple text messages at once is a norm.

What can you include in your SMS marketing?

A lot of our clientele consists of Real Estate Agents. The perks of our platform are that it is incredibly easy to use and with 96% of Americans using a cellphone, you have a huge audience at your disposal to choose from.

Inculcating keywords is an important strategy in SMS marketing and is super easy to implement. For every property, a set of specific keywords can be used. An SMS can also include a link that can direct the user to a website and incorporating photos through MMS marketing especially for a property that has been revamped and has to be advertised is a plus for the realtor.

What does an automated SMS platform do for you?

An SMS service can let you schedule ads in a timely manner and you have the option to choose a package depending on the budget you have. SMS marketing also doesn’t have to be expensive and provides you the ability to reach people with a hands-off approach.
An automated tool is a money and time-saving method to send out your marketing message. You don’t have to hire a person to manually do it and designing hundreds of messages at once becomes a breeze. You’ll also be surprised to know that most SMS marketing tools allow you to personalize your message automatically and send them out in bulk.

Each SMS you send is an opportunity to build on your brand and stay on top of the mind of the customer. The trick is to schedule the campaign smartly and not bombard the recipients with ads. You can also schedule a variety of SMSs in accordance with certain factors. These messages will only get triggered if the customer responds with a particular message. Automated Campaigns through SMS marketing can include appointment reminders, thank you notes after clients have visited you, payment confirmation, and regional content. You can also target people according to which area they are in currently.

With so many benefits at your disposal and companies offering automated services, it can be overwhelming choosing a vendor to work with. Choosing a service provider depends on plenty of factors such as the type of features you are looking for, the percentage of marketing budget you want to utilize on SMS marketing, the sort of support you are looking for from the vendor, and your needs. If the properties you deal with are luxury apartments and high-end real estate, you will not have to send out thousands of messages. Luxury goods and property is a niche industry and you need not waste ads on irrelevant customers. Signing up for 500 texts per month for a market size of 10,000 is unrealistic.

While setting up an SMS advertising campaign, keep in mind that customers don’t want to hear about your services all the time even if they are interested in what you have to offer. A lot of realtors stick to one SMS per week and the rest send them even less or when they have something important to inform their potential buyers.

Connecting with customers in the real estate business is easier than you think. You don’t have to pick up the phone and be in touch with the customer all the time. Scheduling appointments and reminding potential buyers about appointments can be a cost-effective way of generating leads and following up with them. It also saves you precious time as you can prepare on how to pitch and present to the clients. The small, tedious tasks can be taken care of by our platform and our packages give you comprehensive services including cheap SMS marketing.

Get in touch with SalesPype
When opting for an SMS Marketing Service, it is crucial you know what you are signing up for. It is common for marketers to not be able to estimate their needs correctly. This is why signing up for a service that offers a free trial will work in your favor. SalesPype offers a 14-day trial for absolutely free.

Although our platform is known for its user-friendliness and ease of use, there is a demo available on our website that you can watch to figure out the basic functions. We harness the power of a CRM with built-in automation to give you a solution that is effective and super-convenient. You can browse through our packages and choose one that fits your criteria.

In addition, we also offer all-in-one real estate CRM to help you close more deals in less time. If you still need a clear picture, you can schedule a live demo call with one of our experts to walk you through the process.

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